Sorry Guys!  I can’t believe it has been so long since I have posted:(  I started this blog for a class in college and after I graduated I sort of forgot about it.  A lot has happened since I last wrote..WELL I got married on july 18th, 2009.  Everything was perfect!  I planned the entire thing down to the entire playlist for the reception.  If anyone needs help with anything please ask:)  I have great websites for table clothes and table runners.  I also made my invitations and planned my honeymoon all on a college students budget.  I also did all the flowers and table arrangements.  I will try to put up pictures soon!


Ok this wedding thing is starting to become the only thing I can think about!  I am very excited though.  Saturday I am going to get my dress with the bridesmaids:)  I actually feel like everything is actually going to happen.  It would be great if I won the lottery this weekend.  I went to a bridal show this weekend in my hometown and it was very beneficial.  I didn’t realize how many vendors Jamestown actually had!  Nothing is as scary as a room full of brides let me tell you.  For some reason everything becomes a competition.  I also recommend the movie Bride W

These are my bridesmaid dresses

These are my bridesmaid dresses

ars because its fricken hilarious.  ANYWAYS if anyone else has any ideas let me know!  I really want to rent hot pink napkins but they are 75 cents a napkin.  That is rediculous.    Apparently if you want to make money all you have to do is get into the wedding business because these people are raking in the money.


Everything is finally coming together!  If anyone is afraid of planning a wedding on a little budget, DON’T BE:)  I was very overwhelmed at the beginning of my planning process but now I am at ease.  When you realize you do not need absolutely everything it is easier to plan.  I recommend buying little things here and there.  If you purchase something every single week it isn’t a huge blow to your savings.  I think I’m going to go with the cupcake idea by the way!  I saw it done at a bridal show and it is adorable!  Not to mention a whole lot cheaper.  I also went with a DJ that isn’t widely known.  This way he will play exactly what we want and his rates are very reasonable.  With the economy the way it is right now everyone is looking for a little extra money.  I can’t blow 800 bux on a DJ and honestly why would you?

mtg_wedding4You can literally plan an entire wedding on the internet.  Ebay is a wonderful thing!  The best part is, after your wedding you can sell all your centerpieces and make your money back.  I have actually been thinking about going into the wedding planning business.  It is a ton of fun! It would be less stressful if it was someone else’s wedding I was planning.  What I hate the most about the whole thing is everybody’s opinions!  Lately I feel like I coul totally flip out on someone.  “Well you should do this….and I did this!…why would you do that?”  Sometimes I wish I had a mute button.  I can see why people elope!


Alright, I have finally decided on the colors of the wedding.  My fiancee wanted Irish green for some god forsaken reason but I wasn’t a big fan.  Maybe this is why women usually plan weddings?  Since our wedding is going to be in August I thought the colors should some what reflect the summer season.  Hot pink and orange it is.  I feel like we finally got something accomplished even though there is still so much more to plan.  I found a few items on Ebay today!  I bought hot pink tea light candles and a hot pink and orange ring bearer pillow:)  This wedding planning thing is so much fun!  It would help though if I was a billionaire.  My fiancee and I also started looking at honeymoon places and this is a obstacle in its own.  Hawaii would be fun but the plane tickets alone are $3,000 dollars a piece.  I can’t spend that kind of money simply on plane tickets.  We looked into Siesta Keys Florida and it seems like a really nice place to relax.  There are so many choices!  I honestly wish I would of had somebody plan this whole thing for me.  The wedding planners on TV make it look so easy and effortless!


Planning a wedding is completely exciting!  The flowers, the rings, the location, THE DRESS, the cake, etc.  A newly engaged couple sees endless possibilities when it comes to planning a wedding.  My fiancee and I got engaged on Christmas Eve 2007.  I immediately subscribed to all the wedding magazines, bought a planner and started planning my dream wedding.    After all this “planning” I realized someone has to pay for all of this and that someone is my fiancee and I.  Nothing ruins a dream wedding like a budget!  I was so upset and stressed out about the whole wedding idea that I completely stopped thinking about it for an entire year.  I became stubborn and agitated about the mere thought of a wedding.  My fiancee and I thought about eloping, which truly seemed like the way to go.  We took a trip to Las Vegas this past August with all the intentions of getting married but something just didn’t seem right.  We both wanted that typical wedding.  Maybe typical was the wrong word to chose?  My Fiancee and I are both 21 years old so we definitely want an outside the box type of wedding.  Now I’m stuck in that what colors should we chose?, what kind of cake?, who’s invited?, where is it going to be?, wait what about the honeymoon?..type of mode.  I need help! ideas! Anything!  Ive started looking on ebay for various wedding items and so far that is the cheapest route to go.  If anyone has any ideas or opinions that can lessen my load that would be greatly appreciated.  I guess you can call me crazy because I am a senior in college and trying to plan a wedding during my last semester.